A Guide on Obtaining Business Licenses and Permits for Startup Business

disciplineA business license or permit is a legal form that allows you to operate a business legally. With the different laws regarding business types, it is important to know the type of license and permit you need, to run a business successfully, without any troubles or collision with the law. Some of the factors that determine the type of license to you should go for include; the type of business, the business location, and the state or federal laws governing businesses.

Are you wondering the kind of license and permits you should acquire? Well, this is a list of state, federal and local government licenses to obtain for your new business.

General business License

You must visit your state, federal and local government to get the right license and permits for your business. The license and permit are acquired by paying an appropriate fee about the type of business. Once you submit your license application form, the relevant department will check for suitability of your location depending on the type of your business.

For home-based businesses, you must conduct research and meet all the residential neighborhood regulations. For any home based businesses, the business should not interfere with the freedom and rights of your neighbors.

Health Permits

Health permits are for those operating a business that involves preparation and sale of food. This permit mostly costs $25 and varies widely on the size and the kind of business your run. A health inspector must visit your business to ensure hygienic conditions before issuing the permit.

Sales tax licenseHard work concept.

Also known as “seller’s permit” or “certificate of authority” is a permit for the selling of almost all products and services. With this permit, any home based business must pay sales taxes on any taxable goods and services it sells. Sales taxes and taxable services vary from state to state.

Air and Water Pollution Control Permit

Wondering if you need air and water pollution control permit? If you discharge waste into sewers or waterways, produce gas during production, burn materials, then you must get the permit. You must also get approval from environmental protection regulations before undertaking any construction or beginning any operation. Ensure you consult your state and federal regulations to determine the rules that apply to your business.

Fire Department Permit

This permit is required if you run a business that uses flammable materials or one that attracts a large number of customers such as nightclubs and bars. In some states, one is required to obtain the permit before the business is opened, while in others you are not required to obtain the permit but frequent inspections are a requirement.

In some states, you may be required to get a sign permit to restrict the size, location and type of any logo or sign adverts you use for your business. Federal permits are given to a business that require regulation by the federal agency in busineses such as agriculture, aviation, alcoholic, and beverages. Other businesses under federal regulations include; Firearm sales, wildlife, maritime transport, mining and drilling, radio and television broadcasting, nuclear energy and commercial fisheries businesses.

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