How New Start-up Businesses Can Hire and Retain Top Talent

help wantedFor many start-up companies, the process of hiring and retaining talented employees can seem a daunting task. Not only is it expensive, but also risky because any mistakes can jeopardize the entire company. It is thus strongly advisable that any start-up businesses looking to hire employees to evaluate the necessity and implication of such an action before proceeding.

That said, start-ups provide an excellent opportunity for employees to build their skills and get fully immersed in their careers. The right employee can also help build a business but finding one is not a walk in the park. We have a list of things you ought to take into account when hiring employees for start-up businesses.

Define the Position and Organization

As a start-up business recruitment mistakes can prove costly and you, therefore, must precisely define the position and duty description of the intended employee before starting the process. This will guide you during the selection process and ensure that you hire a person who fits the position perfectly.

Even before the recruitment process, it is necessary to evaluate the organization goals and come up with precise definitions of what you aim to achieve and the strategies you intend to use to get there. Furthermore, you have to define the specific duties and roles that the new employee will play and how this will contribute towards achieving the overall objective. This step alone will help you avoid wasting time and money on hiring an employee who has no role in your organization.

Hire the Right Person

Start-up businesses require hands-on and self-motivated employees. Usually, these businesses have a very lean team, and this makes it difficult to police or supervise anyone. When hiring your new employee, you must interview them and find out how they will fit in your organization. This will require you to look for employees with values and principles as well as characters that fit within your organizational culture and can blend in well with the existing team.

You might be wondering where you will find such an employee. The best source of new employees for start-up businesses is referrals. You can speak to people whom you trust within your social and business circles concerning your ongoing recruitment to get a possible reference. Other sources of affordable employees can be freelance blogs and college recruitment drives.

Fulfill Legal Obligations

Recruitment comes with many legal obligations, which even start-up businesses must fulfill. These will include tax obligations and labor laws concerning employment. Also, you will need to provide medical cover and other benefits for your employee. To avoid any problems, you must find out all the legal obligations needed for you to recruit an employee before embarking on the process.

Conduct a Thorough Orientation

Once you have found the right employee who fits your criteria, you must take the time to orientate them to your business. Your orientation should not be a ten-minute introduction to your team and mission or vision. It should be thorough enough to ascertain that the employee knows the company in and out. This is crucial as it will enable the new employee to adapt quickly and work more enthusiastically because he knows how you operate

Retaining Employees

The job does not stop at hiring the right employee. In fact, you might have to work harder to keep the employee you have hired, especially if they are talented. With so much competition from your rival companies, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your employee is not poached from you. To retain your employees, observe the following;Small Business Owner

a) Employee Involvement – Involving your employee in decision-making and making them feel useful will not only build their confidence at work but also enhance their loyalty to the organization. You, therefore, have to listen to them and seek their opinions especially in areas that they are good at.

b) Rewarding Good Work – Since all companies know the value of thanking employees, you have to devise a unique way of thanking your employees for their good work. This can be through issuing gift vouchers or holiday benefits and even introducing an “Employee of the Month” recognition system. Appreciation is one of the building blocks of employee loyalty.

c) Building Relationships- Contrary to popular belief, most employees do not stay in companies for long because of financial gain solely. In fact, the relationships built in a business have a lot of influence on retention of employees. You, therefore, have to ensure that your employees feel like they are part of a family at the workplace. You can do this by having after-work social interactions, get-together lunches and recognition of special events of all employees such as their birthdays.

d) Developing Employees- Skill development is an empowering tool for employees, and it can influence their decision to work for your company for longer. Despite budget constraints, you should consider providing training and learning opportunities for your workers.

All said and done, hiring the best employees for start-ups should be a well-thought out decision. Where possible, you can outsource for services or even hire virtual employees or freelancers. Since hiring an employee is imperative, then you should follow the tips mentioned above to select and retain the right person.

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