How to Start a Residential Roofing Business

roofer 2Are you looking to start a residential roofing business? If so, then the following are among the things you should consider before you getting started. Although the equipment you will need depends on the roofing work, there are basic procedures to keep in mind. So, read along and find out what to do when setting up a roofing business the right way.

Start with a Business Plan

In everything you do, there should always be a solid plan. A business plan will serve as a guide on how to proceed towards your goals in a more efficient and organized manner. You can refer to your plan when it comes to the financial, operational and marketing aspects of your business.

When drafting a business plan, be sure to include your mission statement, set of objectives, details of your business’ structure, financial information and pricing scheme. If you wish to take out a loan, you have to be more specific with the information in the plan. You may seek help from a professional when preparing the plan to include more comprehensive details.

Arrange the Legal Aspects of Your Business

Once you have the business plan ready, you can proceed to obtain necessary business permits and licenses. Go to your city hall or town hall and request for a local business permit. If you will hold your business outside your home, there are more paperwork required. For instance, you need to secure safety inspection, planning and zoning approvals from your local government. For LLCs, partnerships and corporations, you will need to obtain sales permits and state tax registrations. Additional requirements apply if you wish to hire roofing help or assistant contractors.

As for your state contracting license, you can get one at the department of business regulation or the licensing section in your state. Since there are varied requirements and certification guidelines per state, you need to know what you need to obtain. Some states may require you to get more than just one license, so make it a point to know what your requirements are.

rooferGet the Supplies You Need

Most importantly, you need to invest in your roofing supplies before you open your business to the public. This means purchasing scaffolding, protective gear and devices, ladders and basic tools. If ever you need heavy equipment, you may simply rent one that you need to avoid going beyond your budget.

Buy Insurance

No matter which state you are, business liability is a necessity. With the high risk involved with being a roofing contractor, it is best to have the protection you need. The right insurance will keep you, your employees and customers protected from harm. In the event of emergencies or accidents, you can be sure that you are covered, thanks to your insurance.

Final Word

To ensure success in your residential roofing business, you need to start it right. These tips on how to get started will guide you from the planning to the implementation part of your business. Thus, you can expect to have more customers over time as you gain their trust and loyalty.

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